Credit and Degree Information

RTC Institute partners with colleges and universities to bring high quality, convenient, graduate courses and programs to educators. The college and university partners define all application, matriculation, course, and graduation requirements, and grant graduate credit. RTC Institute serves as the local sponsoring partner for these courses and programs by bringing the courses and programs to local sites. RTC Institute cannot grant graduate credit or degrees. Only our collaborating higher education partners can do so as per their accreditation by the state of New York. Students who have questions or concerns about their academic status, grades, or official transcripts should contact the college or university.

Registration Policy

The RTC Institute accepts credit cards.

  1. All credit cards will be charged, full payment, one (1) month in advance of the start date. All checks are due one (1) month in advance of the start date.
  2. For credit card payment options, call Betty McAleer or Donna Rodriguez @ 845-553-9516.
  3. Students with student loans must secure registration on with a credit card. Call Donna Rodriguez, 845-553-9516, upon registering if you have a student loan.
  4. The RTC Institute reserves the right to cancel any and all courses due to insufficient enrollment. 100% of course fees will be reimbursed on all courses canceled due to insufficient enrollment.
  5. Classes dropped 7 to 1 day before the start date will incur a $100.00 penalty fee.
  6. Classes dropped the day of will incur a $150.00 penalty fee.
  7. Classes dropped after the start date will have NO refund.

All dropped classes due to unforeseen circumstances i.e.: medical reason will be accepted with no penalty once a doctor’s note is forwarded to the RTC Institute.

*Tuition is subject to university cost increases. All prices are subject to change without notice.