Q. What is RTCI's Mission Statement?

             A. Rockland Teachers’ Center Institute is a 501(c)(3) non - profit organization dedicated to expanding the education of the community. We offer lifelong, high-quality programs for all sectors of the community including continuing education, professional learning, student enrichment programs and retiree opportunities.   RTC Institute offers school-centered learning, global and local technology connections for educators, and career development programs assuring that all are equipped with 21st century skills and knowledge necessary for a healthy society, workplace and global citizenship.

Q. How do I find out information about graduate programs?

A. Please call Joleen Murray at 845.499.0851 or email jmurray@rockteach.org

Q. How do I get my grades?

A. Officially, you must request a transcript from the college your courses were taken. Generally, you may do that through their website.

Unofficially, once you complete the evaluation and grades are posted, you must log onto MyLearningPlan.com and click the title of the class, scroll down and click “view certificate”.

Q. How can I extend my certification?

A. Apply for the certification you want through your TEACH Online Services account. NYS will post online a deficiency report. Based on that report, you will know exactly what to take to satisfy that certification.

Q. Can I take those classes through the RTC Institute?

A. Yes, if you receive approval from NYS first. If those classes are for Special Education, you must call Joleen Murray at 845.499.0851 for further information.

Q. What is the “Credit Card Plan” ?

A. This option is available to graduates in a Masters Program. To take advantage of this option, the student must sign three or two months in advance. Your tuition will be broken into three or two payments based upon time of registration. Please call Donna Rodriguez at 845.499.0851 for more information.

Q. What does “Pending” mean?

A. “Pending” means that your payment has not been processed. When payment is processed, your status will change to "enrolled".

Q. What is the mailing address for checks and other mail?

A. Please mail checks to:

RTC Institute

65 Chapel Street

Garnerville, NY 10923

Q. Does the RTC Institute offer loans or Financial Aid?

A. Our College partners offer the loans and Financial Aid for students matriculated in their Masters Programs. Please call Donna Rodriguez at 845.553.9516 for more information.

Q. When is payment due for my college courses and workshops?

A. Payment is due a month before the start date of each course and workshop.

Q. How can I sign up for your courses, workshops and activities?

A. Registration is Online only. If you require help, call Joleen or Donna at 845.553.9516.

Community (Retired Teacher Center)

Q. What sets the Retired Teachers’ Center (Community Center) apart from other clubs and centers?

A. Our members are educated, active adults from all walks of life who share a common interest in lifelong learning. We cater to a younger, more active population by offering lectures, shows, concerts, energetic excercise classes, thought provoking clubs, unique day and extended trips and opportunities for volunteering in the community.

Q. Do I have to be a retired teacher to join your group?

A. Our members represent a cross section of the population. While many of our members are educators, many others are professionals representing other fields. Not all of our members are retired. Some are full or part time employees.

Q. Do I have to be a North Rockland resident to join?

A. No, our members reside in Rockland, Orange, Bergen counties and New York City.

Q. Can I invite my spouse and/or friends to participate?

A.Yes, your spouse is welcome to participate in all our activities at member prices. Friends are welcome to participate at nonmember prices.

Q. How do I sign up for trips, shows, etc?

A. All our programs are online. Registration takes place online. For help with setting up an account, call 845.553-9298 or email Bilha at  bberkowitz@rockteach.org

Q. How do I pay for programs?

A. When signing up online, you have the option of paying by credit card or by check. When paying by check, make sure it reaches us within one (1) week of registration.

Q. Is there a fee to join the book, film, bowling and walking clubs?

A. All clubs are free to members.

Q. How often do the members meet?

A. Membership meetings are held every month (except January & February) at the Haverstraw Town Hall. These monthly meetings offer the opportunity to socialize as well as to communicate with members regarding programs and events. Each meeting is followed by a speaker. Please consult our online calendar for information regarding times, dates and speaker topics.